Samsung 15.6" R580 Multimedia Notebook

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Gaming Benchmarks

 Performance with Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Gaming Performance

To touch on gaming performance, we chose two games that draw moderately on system resources, Half-Life 2 Episode 2 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. We then ran a pre-recorded demo of each at a resolution of 1280x800. The resulting performance achieved is indicated in frames per second in the graph below, and for comparison with machines that are able to play at higher resolutions with larger screens, we'll provide you with a link to our chart from the Asus G51J review.

We knew the graphics looked smooth as butter at the screen's native 1366x768 resolution, and the FPS numbers proved our assumptions correct: this little GT 330M gets the job done. We wouldn't expect it to crank through Crysis 2 at a maximum resolution or anything, but most of yesterday's titles should run just fine here. Both of these games looked great, and we suspect you could hook up an external monitor and push 'em at even higher resolutions while maintaining playability.

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