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Benchmarks & Comparisons with Doom 3 - Single Player


Benchmarks &Comparisons with Doom 3
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Doom 3
id Software's games have long been pushing the limits of 3D graphics.  Quake, Quake 2, and Quake 3 were all instrumental in the success of 3D accelerators on the PC.  Now, years later with virtually every new desktop computer shipping with a 3D accelerator, id is at it again with the release of the visually stunning Doom 3.  Doom 3 is an OpenGL game using extremely high-detailed textures and a ton of dynamic lighting and shadows.  We ran benchmarks with Doom 3 set to its "Medium-Quality" mode, at resolutions of 1,024 x 768 and 1,280 x 1,024 without AA or Aniso Filtering enabled and then with 8X Aniso enabled.

With Doom 3, we weren't expecting to break any speed records, but S3 advertises their latest driver set as Doom 3 compatible, so we went ahead and gave it a shot.  For this test we left image quality in-game at medium and found the OmniChrome was not up to the task.  The image actually looked pretty good, but it was slow motion all the way.  Regardless of resolution, Doom 3 was too much for either of these two cards.

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