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Intel's "Tualatin" PIII 1.20GHz. Processor
Encore From a Classic

By, Jeff Bouton
July 31, 2001

Mad Onion's 3D Mark 2001 and Quake 3 Arena
Pushing the FPS...

Now this is the test I was looking forward to.  We dropped our trusty GeForce 3's into the mix and ran 3D Mark's Default Benchmark.  Afterwards, we ran the "Tualatin" again while overclocked.  Check it out...


At default CPU speed, the "Tualatin" does a pretty nice job churning out the frame rates.  Once we overclocked the processor to 1.47GHz. we were shocked to see a sweet score of 6245! 

No review would be complete without a run at Quake 3.  For this test we ran Time Demo 001 at 640x480x16...


This time around, the "Tualatin" beat the Athlon 1.4GHz. by a minimum of 20 FPS.  Once we overclocked it, it was just 1.6 FPS away from matching the Pentium 4.

With today's release of the new "Tualatin" Pentium III processor, Intel has put some rumors to rest.  Thanks in part to the performance enhancements implemented in Intel's new processor, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed throughout our testing of this new processor.  With its maturity and stability, this revision of the Pentium III will breath new life into the core and round out Intel's product portfolio nicely.

As we mentioned earlier in this piece, Intel's main focus will be the mobile market.  However,  we're sure some "Tualatins" will make into some enthusiasts hands.  Once these chips really start to flow in the into the retail channel, end users are sure to appreciate the noticeable performance improvements over earlier models.

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