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Alien vs Predator - DX11

Alien vs Predator
DX11 Gaming Performance


Alien vs Predator is a DX11 title from British developer Rebellion, the same team behind the 1999 original PC game. It brings the war between two of science fiction's most popular characters to the first person shooter gaming world. AvP delivers three single player campaigns and provides unique 3-way multiplayer gaming as well. For our testing, we used the AvP stand alone benchmark using multiple resolutions and high image quality settings.

The Alien vs Predator DX11 benchmark continues to be a handful for the latest crop of graphic cards. With the settings cranked up, the HD 5970 takes the top spot but is closely followed by our trio of GTX 580 video cards. As expected, the MSI model is slightly faster than ZOTAC's product, while Gigabyte's card follows closely behind. Truth be told, the deviation between them is only 1 or 2 frames per second and undetectable during game play.  

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