Origin EVO15-S Review: Thin, Powerful NVIDIA Max-Q Gaming On The Go

Origin EVO15-S: PCMark and 3DMark Performance

Next, we'll move from pure content creation in Cinebench, to productivity and mixed usage with PCMark. We're representing all tests from the PCMark 10 benchmark suite, including the Essentials, Productivity, Digital Content Creation and and total PCMark score. The Essentials test covers workloads like web browsing, video conferencing and app start-up times, while Productivity tests everyday office apps from spreadsheets to word processing. Finally, Digital Content Creation tests performance of a machine with respect to photo and video editing, as well as rendering and visualization workloads.

PCMark 10 Benchmarks
Productivity And System-Level Benchmarking
Origin EVO15-S PCMark8

The Origin EVO15-S finished right at the top of the stack. The only score where it didn't surpass every other laptop we've tested was Digital Content Creation. However, the overall score was so close with the similarly decked out Dell G7 15, we would again call it a statistical tie. The combination of a fast processor, plenty of memory, and a speedy SSD make for a potent combination.

3DMark Fire Strike and Sky Diver
Synthetic DirectX Gaming And Graphics Testing

The more taxing tests in the 3DMark suite are designed to hammer on powerful desktop GPUs. However, since many gaming notebooks pack what are essentially desktop-grade graphics, many of them can handle the toughest of 3DMark tests.
Origin EVO15-S FireStrike

In Fire Strike, the EVO15-S' performance was exactly where we expected it to be. Even with the power, temperature, and acoustic limitations of NVIDIA's Max-Q design the GTX 1070 Max-Q was significantly faster than the GTX 1060. It couldn't quite keep up with the full-blown GTX 1070, but that is to be expected. In our testing the difference between the full GTX 1070 and the Max-Q version was 17%. Just a hair over the 10% to 15% range claimed by NVIDIA. 

Origin EVO15-S Skydiver

Sky Diver had vastly different results. In this benchmark the Max-Q graphics card performed slightly above the full GTX 1070. We ran the benchmark multiple times to verify our findings and kept getting the same results. This is likely the result of the Origin machine's faster CPU having a larger impact on the overall result in this test.

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