OCZ IBIS HSDL Solid State Drive Preview

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PCMark Vantage HDD

We really like PCMark Vantage's HDD Performance for its real-world application measurement approach to testing.  From simple Windows start-up performance to data streaming from a disk drive in a game engine and video editing with Windows Movie Maker, we feel more confident that these tests reasonably illustrate the performance profile of SSDs in an end-user/consumer PC usage model.

This series of Vantage tests will stress read performance in simple real-world usage models, with a broad mix of sequential and random read transactions of both small and large file sizes. 


Futuremark's PCMark Vantage


Here, the OCZ IBIS puts up strong performance but perhaps not as Earth-shattering as the ioXtreme.  The Vista Startup test shows IBIS to be over 60% faster than one of the fastest single SSDs on the market.  The good news here, unlike the ioXtreme PCI Express SSD, the IBIS drive can also be used as a bootable volume. 

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