OCZ IBIS HSDL Solid State Drive Preview

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PCMark Vantage (Continued)

The following PCMark Vantage HDD tests are more write intensive and in some cases stress the Achilles' Heel of the average storage subsystem, that being random write performance


Futuremark's PCMark Vantage


This time the OCZ IBIS drive takes it up a notch, beating out even the ioXtreme SSD, that retails for almost 3X its cost per GB.  For write performance the IBIS drive is king.  With the read-intensive Application loading test, we're looking at a 43% gain over the average SSD and about 75% of the ioXtreme's read performance.  Let's face it, the ioXtreme is an over-the-top niche' product for the average end user (targeted more to the workstation/server market) product that isn't even a bootable solution at this point.  So this is a strong showing for the OCZ IBIS comparatively.  The question becomes, within its own right, how niche' is the OCZ IBIS drive? After all, you do need a proprietary adapter card and at least a free PCI Express X4 slot, but since the adapter card is bundled in, the barrier to entry has been minimized a bit.

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