OCZ Flex XLC Water-Cooled CAS-3 DDR2-800 2GB Memory Kit

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Sandra Performance


Test System Details
Specifications and Revisions
  • Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 (2.4 GHz) Dual-Core
  • 1 x Nvidia nForce 680i Series Motherboard
  • 1 x Maxtor DiamondMax 10 7,200 RPM Serial ATA Hard Disk
  • 1 x Lite-On 18x DVD+/-RW Serial ATA Optical Drive
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional (32-bit)

    Test Candidates

  • Modules at 1155 MHz (CAS 5-5-5-15)
  • Modules at 1066 MHz (CAS 4-4-4-12)
  • Modules at 1066 MHz (CAS 5-5-5-15)
  • Modules at 800 MHz (CAS 3-3-3-12)
  • Modules at 800 MHz (CAS 3-4-4-15)
  • Modules at 800 MHz (CAS 4-4-4-15)
  • Modules at 800 MHz (CAS 5-5-5-15)
SiSoft Sandra XI Synthetic Tests
Higher levels are better for bandwidth, lower for latency.



At stock speeds (800 MHz @ CAS 3-4-4-15), these modules deliver a smidge better memory performance compared to most enthusiast class DDR2-800 modules (which typically run at CAS 4-4-4-15). We also documented the performance of the modules when overclocked. Cranking these modules up to much higher levels (without overclocking the CPU) didn't help memory bandwidth too much, but does improve latency by quite a bit.

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