Mastering PUBG With The Help Of NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

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ShadowPlay Highlights & PUGB: Final Thoughts

Battlegrounds lobby

PUBG runs very well on a GeForce GTX 1080 Ti; but then most games do. We’re seeing about 75fps on avg with full-tilt graphic settings and the resolution at 1440p. We did receive a slight FPS bump and reduction in lag by turning off the Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar DVR, which seems to affect performance most in congested lobbies and in open rural areas.

Our biggest gripe with PUBG is more functional and not performance related. Animation and some movement mechanics need work—in particular, the awkward jumping and lack of climbing. Jumping over a waist-high wall is maddening. At this time, there is also no mantling or climbing and the max height for a jump is surprisingly low, considering you can fall from a two-story building and land in a boss-like Matrix-style squatted stance without a scratch. The developers have shown samples of climbing, vaulting and mantling animations to come, however. Let’s just hope all the success brings the fixes and tweaks in that much sooner.

PUBG is a highly addictive, intense game. It definitely doesn’t need our stamp of approval--the sales speak for themselves--yet it receives it anyway. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a massive success and its not even a finished title. From a player's standpoint this is one of the most refreshing takes on a multiplayer / versus, battle-royale type shooter. It’s highly accessible to new players and is played across a large detailed 8x8k map so each game feels different from the last. All players begin on a level playing field with no weapons or gear so there are no advantages out of the gate. The shrinking Play Area keeps players on the move, minimizes camping, and forces players to engage each other. It’s a simple but elegant design. One we are very excited to see grow as a service with additional content and optimization.

NVIDIA Shadowplay Highlights sweetens the pot nicely. Not only can you capture your best moments and most demoralizing failures, but you can also use it to learn from your mistakes and ultimately inch ever closer to that salivating Chicken Dinner! 

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