Mastering PUBG With The Help Of NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

Capturing PUBG Greatness And Epic Fails With NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights

Last year we offered a detailed exploration of NVIDIA’s GeForce Experience tool set for capturing screenshots and videos. Since then, a few bells and whistles have been tacked on to further enhance the experience. The most recent of these is ShadowPlay Highlights, a slick feature that intelligently identifies your finest moments (or epic failures) in games and records them for your viewing and social sharing pleasure.

The Highlights feature requires developer support for implementation and therefore is currently only working in select titles. The latest, great addition to the supported titles list is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, a mega-popular game working its way through Steam Early Access. So, we decided to chase that hot chicken dinner (more on this in a bit) with ShadowPlay Highlights, which is only available in NVIDIA's GeForce Experience software package, and have a little fun.

Battlegrounds SP highlights

ShadowPlay Highlights & GFE Refresher

For supported games like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, ShadowPlay Highlights can identify when the player makes a single, double or multi-kill action in the game. It also captures when a player or squad wins a round, known as a “Chicken Dinner.” It instantly captures each to video no longer than 00:45 seconds. SP Highlights in PUBG also records less glamorous activities like being knocked out, knocking out enemy players or being killed. At the end of each match, players are presented with an interface where they can title their Highlights videos and save them to a drive and/or share them socially. The feature is smart, handy and shaves off a ton of time when trying to edit videos down to those super cool moments.

NVIDIA's GeForce Experience helps users keep track and manage their library of games, take screenshots, capture video in a variety of ways and/or share it all socially to Facebook and other social networking channels. You can even stream gameplay to YouTube or a Twitch channel. Be sure to check out our full overview and getting started tutorial here.

GeForce Experience

Activating ShadowPlay Highlights is a two-part endeavor. Once installed, you need enter the Settings portion of GeForce Experience (pressing ALT+Z by default). Then click the cog icon for Settings. Navigate down to “Highlights” and select it. Now enable it and select a temp folder of choice. Once you have PUBG loaded, navigate to the game settings and Enable "ShadowPlay Highlights". Completed videos will be saved to wherever your ShadowPlay videos are stored. We would like to see a separate folder created for our highlights, or at least include an option to save them separately. Nonetheless, the process is fairly straightforward and intuitive. 

Now let’s see what all the fuss is about and get to know PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

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