NVIDIA nForce 680i SLI Preview

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F.E.A.R. Low and High Resolutions

For our last set of game tests, we moved on to more low- and high-resolution benchmarking with F.E.A.R. When testing all processors and motherboards with F.E.A.R, we drop the resolution to 640x480, and drop all of the in-game graphical options to their minimum values to isolate CPU and memory performance as much as possible.  However, the in-game "effects" and "advanced computer options" settings, which control the level of detail for F.E.A.R.'s physics engine and particle system, were all set to maximum values since these actually do place loads on the CPU rather than GPU.

The opposite is true in the high-resolution test, where a more significant load is placed on the graphic sub-system, hence the lower framerates reported in the second graph below.

Benchmarks with F.E.A.R. v1.08
DirectX 9 Gaming Performance

The low-reslution F.E.A.R. tests were a virtual dead-heat.  Only 2 frames per second, or approximately .8%, separated the first place 975X Express from the second place nForce 680i SLI. 

The high-resolution F.E.A.R. benchmark however, went to the nForce 680i SLI.  In this test, the new nForce 680i SLI put up 76 frames per second, 1 more frame than the 975X Express.

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