nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra and Detonator 3 Drivers!

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The nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra and Detonator 3 Drivers
nVIDIA's Technology War Machine Rolls On

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

Our Test System
An i815 with a mid range processor

LiteOn Mid Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 866EB,  Abit SE6 i815 Motherboard and nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra 64MB AGP Card, 128MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM from Corsair (thanks Outside Loop), IBM 15Gig 7200 RPM ATA100 Hard Drive (thanks again Outside Loop), Kenwood 72X CDROM,
Win 98SE, DirectX 7.0a, nVidia reference drivers version 6.16

Benchmarks / Comparisons
OK, so we're really impressed!

OpenGL Benchmarks:

MDK2 is an OpenGL game with a testing mode that has a very good benchmarking utility.  It also is one of the few games on the market today, that actually was written to take full advantage of Hardware T&L.  We decided to run some scores against the ATI Radeon, a card that has shown favorably in this test.  It also has a Hardware T&L Engine on board.

We only ran this test is 32 bit color mode.  Why?  When you have this kind of frame rate between two cards, what is the point?  This chart needs no explanation. The GeForce2 GTS Ultra obliterates the Radeon at every resolution. 

But what happens to this fantastic performance when FSAA bites into it?

In 16 bit color the frame rate is excellent all the way up to 1024X768.  In 32 bit color most folks would scale back to 800X600 for the best compromise between image quality and frame rate.  The other aspect that comes into to play with these tests, is the mipmap resolution.  2x2 LOD Biased scores are 5-10% faster.  Personally, I would take the extra frame rate over the slightly sharper image quality but again, as the saying goes, it is all in the eye of the beholder.


Kicking out of FSAA mode for a spin with Quake 3 here, will give you an inkling of things to come.

Quake 3 Time Demo Test
Versus The Rest Of The Field

Ahh yes, 16 bit color mode, where every card is much faster... Well, almost every card.

Read on my Brothers and Sisters....


More Quake 3 and FSAA Benchmarks!


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