nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra and Detonator 3 Drivers!

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The nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra and Detonator 3 Drivers
nVIDIA's Technology War Machine Rolls On

By Dave "Davo" Altavilla

Our Test System
An i815 with a mid range processor

LiteOn Mid Tower ATX Case w/ 300W PS, Pentium III 866EB,  Abit SE6 i815 Motherboard and nVIDIA GeForce2 GTS Ultra 64MB AGP Card, 128MB of PC133 True CAS2 SDRAM from Corsair (thanks Outside Loop), IBM 15Gig 7200 RPM ATA100 Hard Drive (thanks again Outside Loop), Kenwood 72X CDROM,
Win 98SE, DirectX 7.0a, nVidia reference drivers version 6.16

Benchmarks / Comparisons
OK, so we're impressed!

As always, our baseline for performance in Direct 3D Games, is 3DMark 2000.

Direct 3D Benchmarks:

3DMark 2000 Test

GeForce2 GTS Ultra 64MB
With Detonator 3 Drivers

Abit Siluro GF256 GTS 64 DDR
With 5.32 Drivers

GeForce2 cards have always scored the highest in 3DMark test here at the H.H. Lab.  So, we decided to pit the Ultra against our reigning champ, the Abit Siluro GeForce2 GTS 64MB card.  The Ultra is running at 250MHz. Core and 460MHz. Memory Clocks and the Siluro, with the old 5.32 drivers, is running at 200/300.  At the lower resolutions, the cards are neck and neck but the Ultra pulls away at 800X600X32 and up.  Frankly, we were surprised not to see a wider gap here, especially considering the Ultra was using the new Detonator 3 Drivers. 


Here's a  look at a game that is typically not an nVIDIA strong suit, Unreal Tournament.  

Unreal Tournament Time Demo Benchmarks
Versus The 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 AGP

We expected a better showing here from the GeForce2 GTS Ultra.  For what ever reason, nothing runs UT faster than a 3dfx card.  It truly is strange when you consider the horsepower behind the Ultra that should really push it past the V5.  Frankly, we are beginning not to put too much stock into UT scores anymore.  They are so system and CPU dependant that it is hard to judge gaming performance across the board with its Timedemo test.  On the other hand, the numbers don't lie if you are playing UT.  3dfx cards just plain run it faster.

Here are a few FSAA enabled scores on the GeForce2 Ultra, just for reference.  We will dig deeper into this subject later in the pages to come.

Again, the 1x2 FSAA setting in Direct 3D (or 2X FSAA) is really not worth playing with since it doesn't do much for image quality.  On the other hand 2x2 (or 4X FSAA) look gorgeous in UT and at 1024X786X32 at 46 fps., you can still duke it out with the best of them.


However, the GeForce2 Ultra is just warming up...


MDK and Quake 3 Benchmarks!

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