NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti4200 Roundup! UPDATED!

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NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti 4200 Shoot-Out
September Update: Best Data & MSI...

By - Marco Chiappetta
September 8, 2002 

Next up, we have some tests with Serious Sam: The Second Encounter.  We configured the game to use OpenGL and ran the "Little Trouble" demo using the "Extreme Quality" script, created by the folks at Beyond3D, to max out the texture and filtering quality.

OpenGL Benchmarks with Serious Sam: TSE
Ok, Time to Get Serious

The GeForce 4 Ti4200s surged past the Radeons and MX440 at every resolution in the Serious Sam benchmarks.  The 64MB cards from Gainward and MSI were again the fastest of the bunch, proving Serious Sam benefits more from the faster memory on the 64MB cards, rather than the increased available memory on the 128MB cards.


The Conclusion...


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