Nokia Lumia Icon Review: Verizon's WP8 Flagship

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Battery Life

The Nokia Lumia Icon sports a 2420 mAh battery; let's see what it can hack. Note that this test is particularly strenuous and is not reflective of the kind of juice you can get out of a device under normal usage scenarios.

WP Bench Battery Test
Battery Life Testing

The Lumia Icon didn’t knock our socks off with a battery life time of 2 hours and 29 minutes, but it was good for second-best in our bank of tests. It has a 2420 mAh battery compared to the 1020’s 2000 mAh battery, but the 1020 also has a smaller display, so we’ll give the Icon some credit here. Only the Lumia 920 did better than the Icon.

In normal use, the Lumia Icon's battery is a beast. Despite usage that included lots of web browsing and shooting photos over the course of a day, the battery life remained plentiful. Further, we were able to leave the Lumia Icon unplugged on standby for multiple days in a row, and there was still enough juice left to run the device for an entire workday.

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