Nokia Lumia Icon Review: Verizon's WP8 Flagship

Performance: WP Bench

We also conducted some formal performance testing to see how well the handset compares to other smartphones. WP Bench is a multi-faceted benchmark suite available within the Windows Phone Marketplace. To date, it's one of the only effective ways to test the small-but-growing stable of WP handsets.

CPU, Data, and GPU Testing with WP Bench
Windows Phone 8 Testing

The Nokia Lumia Icon and the Lumia 1520, which are virtually identical phones on the inside, posted nearly identical scores, with the Lumia Icon taking the edge in the Data Total test, the 1520 winning the CPU test by the slimmest of margins, and the two tying in the GPU test with 48 FPS each.

Both did some strong work against the competition; that quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip helped these two new flagship devices mop the floor with previous Lumia models.

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