Mythlogic Deimos Gaming Laptop Review: GeForce GTX 980M And Desktop Skylake

Deimos 1615S Design and Layout

The Clevo P750DM laptop shell is so understated it's a bit underwhelming. Forget an aluminum lid or carbon fiber palm rest – the entire chassis is a black, matte plastic. The laptop has beveled edges that could give it some flare, but they’re hard to see without colorful accents. The chassis has some lighting, which we’ll get into, but it could use more color all around in our opinion.

mythlogic deimos 1615s 05

The one color (other than black) that appears on the system is chrome, in the form of the Mythlogic logo on the lid. The name looks great and its size and placement on the lid are just right. Adding some similar accents to other parts of the laptop would make it feel much more like a Mythlogic system. Mythlogic has a killer gargoyle logo and it would have been cool to find that somewhere on the system too.

mythlogic deimos 1615s 06

For all the plastic, the system is very sturdy. The display is solid and stays in place with minimal vibrations after you move it. We like the display, which is bright and extremely crisp, thanks to the 3840x2160 native resolution. The screen has a matte anti-glare finish that looks great in just about any lighting condition, whether you’re gaming in a well-lit room or headed to a cave-like LAN party.

mythlogic deimos 1615s 07

The full-size keyboard features a number pad and marked WASD keys, to better to find the most important gaming keys in a pinch. The keys are spaced well apart, making them perfect for those of us with large-ish hands, and they’re responsive too. We didn’t notice any bending or vibrating in the keyboard while we typed. The keyboard backlight is customizable as well (we’ll cover the lighting software on the next page).

mythlogic deimos 1615s 08 mythlogic deimos 1615s 09a

We like the touchpad, which responded to swipes and taps just fine. It has two mouse buttons for those who prefer them, and a fingerprint reader is tucked between the buttons.

Most of the ports are on the left and right side of the laptop, with just the power, HDMI, and DP ports at the back. The left side has a total of three USB 3.0 ports (including the eSATA/USB combo) and a USB 3.1/Thunderbolt port. The SD card reader, which is also on the left side, is a 6-in-1 that handles everything from MMC to SDXC.

mythlogic deimos 1615s 012

mythlogic deimos 1615s 011

mythlogic deimos 1615s 013

The right side of the system has four audio jacks: line-in, headphone, mic, and S/PDIF-out. It also has a single USB 3.0 port. Overall, the Deimos 1615S is a well-appointed system when it comes to connectivity and IO.

HP Spectre x360 15t bbb

mythlogic deimos 1615s 010
Mythlogic systems arrive with extras.

Gaming laptops are known for being bulky, so it’s not surprising that the Deimos 1615S weighs in at 7.5 pounds. That’s a typical weight for powerful gaming laptops, so whether the weight matters to you depends a lot on how you plan to use it. If you want a system that you can take to LAN parties, the weight issue is moot – the Deimos is far lighter and easier to carry than the typical gaming desktop. If you cart your laptop around all day but you want to play the occasional game during your downtime, a smaller laptop might be your speed, but keep in mind that you won’t be getting kind of CPU and graphics muscle that the Deimos 1615S features.

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