MSI mPC 51PV Small Form Factor PC

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The BIOS and NO-verclocking

The MSI mPC 51PV is equipped with a Phoenix/Award BIOS derivative that is is relatively complete and easy to navigate. From within the BIOS users have the ability to configure, enable or disable all of the board's integrated peripherals, and monitor voltages and temperatures.

MSI mPC 51PV: Exploring the BIOS
Covers the Basics Well




The mPC 51PV has a relatively well equipped BIOS, provided overclocking is low on your list of priorities.  In fact, the mPC 51PV has no overclocking options in the BIOS at all.  This is somewhat of a let down, but considering that machine is not targeted at enthusiasts and managing thermals in a small form factor enclosure is far more difficult than it is in a full sized case, a lack of overclocking options isn't a major detriment.

As far as the other more mainstream BIOS options go, the mPC 51PV is fairly well off.  All of the integrated peripherals can be managed from within the BIOS, including the IGP which can have its frame buffer allocation and TV output mode altered.  There is also a fairly well appointed hardware monitoring section where user's have the ability to tweak fan speeds based on a predetermined temperature threshold.

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