MSI mPC 51PV Small Form Factor PC

A Look At The Exterior

If you've seen any of the previous products in the mPC line-up, you'll probably be familiar with the checkerboard, Rubik's Cube-like front fascia used on the 51PV. Some of MSI's mPCs feature white, or off white, enclosures, which makes the checkerboard pattern really stand out. The mPC 51PV, however, features an all black finish, with silver trim, which makes the pattern appear more subdued, and in our opinion more appealing.



The front of the unit in laid out as you might expect.  At the top of the unit, there is a fold-down optical drive bay cover that conceals the drive. The middle section in home to a lighted power button, and a optical drive eject/close button.  We should note that this button is electronic, and sends a command to open and close the drive.  And there's no configuration necessary. So no fumbling with small plastic pieces trying to line up an eject button during assembly.  The bottom of the unit feature another fold-down bay cover, that hides the unit's built-in 7-in-1 card reader, and USB, Firewire, and front-panel audio ports.




The rear of the unit is similarly well equipped.  At the top you'll see the nub for the mPC 51PV's integrated WiFi NIC antenna. There are also a pair of fan grilles, a power switch, and power receptacle, and of course a densely packed I/O cluster.  In the I/O cluster you'll fine six assorted analog and digital audio ports, PS/2 mouse and serial ports, Component, S-Video, DB15, and DVI video outputs, four USB ports, and a single RJ45 LAN jack.

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