MSI 915P Neo2 Platinum Series Motherboard

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Gaming Tests with Wolfenstein:ET and UT2004

Gaming Tests with Wolfenstein:ET and UT2004
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Another way we like to test motherboard performance is by enlisting a few gaming benchmarks.  By running these test with reduced image quality, we can minimize the impact the graphics subsystem has on the test, focusing more on CPU and memory performance.  Our first test was a canned timedemo in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory followed by our custom UT2004 benchmark.


Like the video encoding test, it was a tight race, but the MSI Neo2 Platinum came out on top by 1.1FPS.

With UT2004, the results were even closer.  This time the ASUS board slipped by less than a half FPS to the MSI Neo2.  Again, no one board has been dominant to this point so far, but when you break it down, the MSI Neo2 Platinum has the edge, albeit a very slight one.

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