Maingear EPIC RUSH With Radeon R9 290X Crossfire

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Design and Layout

The Maingear EPIC RUSH isn’t a particularly large system – in fact, it’s just under 18 inches tall, nearly 10 inches shorter than Maingear’s other EPIC PC – but its size doesn't stop it from being an intimidating rig. Maingear used Glasurit automotive paint to give the Corsair Obsidion 350D chassis a shiny, bright white coat, and then applied the same paint job to the keyboard and mouse, making for an eye-catching, classy system.

The large side-panel window provides a clear look at the EPIC RUSH’s interior, which is full, but not cramped. The liquid cooling system includes front and back radiators, complete with Maingear’s logo and name. The radiator fans provide airflow for the system, as do a couple large fans at the top. It’s a good setup, airflow-wise, but it can be even better: just pop the front panel off and your front fans are unobstructed.

Maingear has a long history of clever cable routing and those skills are on display in the EPIC RUSH. The Obsidion 350D chassis has some room behind the motherboard (by the non-window side panel) and so most of the cables are safely out of sight; those that do appear in the system are custom-sleeved and bound with multiple ties.

One of the things we like about Maingear systems is that they are generally fairly easy to upgrade. That’s mostly true of the EPIC RUSH. Obviously, the liquid cooling system means you can’t swap graphics cards as easily as you would in an air-cooled rig, but the memory isn’t difficult to reach. The SSDs are close to the side panel, too, and removing the power supply would be a straightforward process. The only complaint you’re likely to have about the system’s upgradability is space for adding additional hard drives – the reservoir and radiators eat up most of the front of the system.

The EPIC RUSH sports three USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0 port on the front panel, along with mic and headphone jacks. A Blu-ray burner and the liquid reservoir take up the system’s only front external drive spots. In back, there are loads of USB ports and plenty of DVI, HDMI, and Display Ports for you multi-monitor types.

When it comes to extras, the system is free of unnecessary junk – both in Windows and in the box. Maingear makes a point of sending systems without bloatware, so cleaning up your system on arrival isn’t an issue. As far as physical extras, the system has just the right stuff: a sturdy binder with setup and troubleshooting info, related graphics port adapters, and a branded mouse pad. And although the first time you see the EPIC RUSH’s box will likely be the last, it’s worth noting that the packaging is built to be reusable. If you need to ship the system again, you should be able to pack it up for as safe a trip as it had on its way to your door.

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