Maingear EPIC RUSH With Radeon R9 290X Crossfire

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Performance Summary and Conclusion

When you're paying this kind of money for a PC, the price for performance balancing act goes out the window. Of course, you can pay less and get a system that has similar components. What you're paying for is a rig that complements that power with really stunning looks and every luxury feature the PC builder can dream up. There should be nothing about a system like this that isn't top shelf.


When it comes to looks, the EPIC RUSH is one of the cleanest, classiest systems around. The Glasurit paint shines and the system’s sharp lines give it a broad-shouldered, no-nonsense look wherever it sits in your home or office. Up close, the beveled panel window gives you a really nice view of the interior. For geeks (like us) who like to admire a PC’s components, the interior of the EPIC RUSH borders on artwork. The lighting is just right. The liquid cooling tubing is front and center, and the fittings have slick decals. The heatsinks on the Corsair Dominator memory look sharp gleaming brightly inside the chassis.

The EPIC RUSH looks like a system that will kick butt and take names – and it does. It absolutely crushed the systems we’ve recently tested with the Unigine Heaven and Valley benchmarks, and it carried that performance into most of our other tests – particularly ones that focus on the GPU. The Radeon R9 290X Crossfire setup is a clear powerhouse, and 16GB of high speed memory, along with an SSD RAID 0 array certainly don't hurt, either.

Price plays an important role in any system review, but especially when the system in question is a luxury PC with a stratospheric price tag. In a situation like this, any complaints are magnified by sheer cost of the system. As it happens, though, we couldn’t find much to complain about. Yes, the external drive bays are full, so you’d need to swap parts rather than expand. But that’s a non-issue for most users. In virtually all ways that matter, the EPIC RUSH lives up to its luxury PC status.

  • Superior paint job
  • Gaming performance is through the roof
  • Warranty and tech support are excellent
  • You can replace components, but expansion is more limited

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