Android Curveball: LG G Flex Review

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There’s no doubt the LG G Flex is a unique smartphone. Not only does it have one of the largest displays on the market, but this phablet also has a curved form that really sets it apart. Overall, we were surprised at how comfortable the G Flex felt in the hand. And for a device that has such a large footprint, it didn’t feel any heavier than an average smartphone.

LG equips the G Flex with a number of features that make it stand out in the crowd. The most obvious are its curved display and larger battery. The fact that LG had to put extra time, effort, and research into making a curved display and battery that could withstand everyday use shows the company is working hard to differentiate, which is vitally important in the crowded smartphone market.

LG G Flex - $149.99 On Contract

LG is also taking a different approach from traditional smartphones by placing the volume rocker and Rear Key on the back of some of their flagship phone. We had our reservations about this placement at first but after regular use, we found it to be quite comfortable and easy to use, especially given the size of the phone. In many ways, the Rear Key was more usable than a Power key located elsewhere because it was easy to find and access while holding the phone. The fact that LG lets you wake the phone by tapping the screen also helps user  to not miss a traditional Power key located on the edge of the phone.

On the software side, LG offers a number of apps that add to the utility of the device. We were particularly fond of the multitasking capabilities that come through Dual Window mode and Slide Aside Multitasking. Guest Mode is another feature we really liked. Although the feature is designed to make it easy for you to let someone else use your phone, it also could work great as a kid-friendly mode. We wish more phones had this functionality.

We also appreciated the way in which LG uses the LED indicators on the front and back of the phone. For example, if you’ve missed several consecutive calls from the same person, the LED on the front and back of the phone will let you know. In camera mode, the rear LED can let you know when the camera is about to take a picture in timed mode or if the camera is in the process of focusing or already focused using Face Tracking.

In terms of benchmark scores, the LG G Flex earned consistently good scores in all tests. Although this phone didn’t take the No. 1 spot in every test, it’s still a phone that should be respected for its ability to perform.  It's also reasonably priced for $149 currently on contract with AT&T and Sprint.

Bottom Line: Users who are considering a large-screen phablet device should definitely put the LG G Flex on their short list for devices to consider. This phone offers great performance along with a number of key features that result in a premium experience all around.


  • Excellent multitasking features
  • Curved 6-inch display
  • Great battery life
  • No microSD card slot
  • 720p display rather than 1080p
  • Fixed battery

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