Android Curveball: LG G Flex Review

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Android graphics testing


GFXBench has been one of our standard graphics performance benchmarks for a while. Recently, the company updated its software to version 3.0. With this new version, the old tests are no longer available to run for comparison. Still, we were able to round up a handful of phones to give you a feel for how the LG G Flex stacks up.

As you can see in the T Rex 1080p test, the G Flex earns the top spot by a comfortable margin. In the offscreen fill test, the G Flex still performs well, earning the third spot behind Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 and Google’s Nexus 5.

In Basemark X, the G Flex earns the third spot in both the on-screen and off-screen tests. Upon examining the scores a bit more closely, you may notice that the G Flex outperforms the Galaxy Note 3 in the on-screen test but the reverse is true in the off-screen test.

As is the case with other high-end devices, 3DMark Ice Storm is maxed out at lower settings on the LG G Flex. Running the test on Unlimited mode yielded excellent results, with the G Flex earning the second or third spot in all tests.  

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