Lenovo Yoga C930 Laptop Review: Dolby Vision And Atmos Deliver

Lenovo Yoga C930: Design and Build Quality

Lenovo mills the Yoga C930's entire chassis out of aluminum for a high-quality look and feel. Our review unit arrived in a slick dark gray color, suitably named iron gray. A lighter silver is available, too, simply named mica.

flat open Yoga C930

Every edge is rounded, including those surrounding the I/O ports for a completely smooth surface that won’t accidentally cut or scratch you. The Yoga C930 is 0.57-inches thick, but design trickery makes it appear like the sides taper into a slimmer edge. It’s a cute trick that works surprisingly well and had us second guessing the thickness. The whole shebang weighs in at a miniscule 3.04lbs. 

webcam Yoga C930

Gone from the latest Yoga C930 is the metal watch band bling that graced previous generations. A new sound bar occupies the entire hinge area, which we’ll go into greater detail later. The thin bezels return, but new to the Yoga C930 is a physical camera shutter. Lenovo calls it the TrueBlock privacy shutter and it;s as you probably imagined -- an integrated slider that you can slide open or close, so nobody can see you. As silly as it sounds, this can be quite useful for surprise video calls when you may have forgotten to put on pants or if you're just security conscious and don't want to resort to covering your webcam with a post-it.

keyboard Yoga C930

The backlit keyboard has two levels of brightness and can be turned off via the Fn + Space Bar combo. However, the backlighting doesn’t automatically turn off when not being used, like it does on the Dell XPS 13. I personally had a steep learning curve getting used to the keyboard. The keys didn't feel as crisp as I expected from a Lenovo machine and the spacing was too far apart for my tastes, though I still managed to achieve 98 words-per-minute on it.

left side ports Yoga C930

Ports are scarce on the Yoga C930. There are USB 3.0 and two USB-C ports on the left side. The USB-C ports provide Thunderbolt 3.0 (PCIe x4), Power Delivery and DisplayPort connectivity as well. A combo microphone and headphone jack round out the connectivity options; the right side is home to a lonely power button, and that's it.

Lenovo Yoga C930 back partial close

Hiding around back is a hidden stylus that resides in a spring-loaded silo. Press the stylus in and it pops out with ease.  The stylus charges while tucked away, too, so you never have to worry about it dying. It’s roughly half the length of a typical pen or active stylus and takes time to get used to, but works well and supports 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity.

Windows Ink Lenovo Yoga C930

We tested it out in Windows Ink, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Sketchbook and found the stylus responsive with excellent accuracy and pressure sensitivity. 

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