Paranoid Much? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Covers His MacBook Webcam And Audio Ports With Tape

You know a story is going to be good when it involves Facebook, its creator Mark Zuckerberg, and the word "privacy". It used to be that Google was considered the biggest, baddest people data-fetcher, but over time, that crown has been passed to Facebook, a service that doesn't even need to try to get information from people, as those people willingly cough it up themselves.

Mark Zuckerberg Instagram Post

For a multitude of reasons, the lack of privacy on Facebook should be concerning to many, especially when you consider that Mark Zuckerberg can't seem to get enough privacy for himself.

As we reported just the other day, Facebook-owned Instagram recently achieved half a billion users. To celebrate, Zuckerberg took to Facebook to post a humorous photo of him holding an Instagram picture frame around his head. Some eagle-eyed folks noticed some interesting things going on in the background, though.

Mark Zuckerberg Privacy Macbook circles
Credit: Daily Mail Online

When you look real close at Zuck's MacBook, you can see that both the mic and webcam are covered over with tape. Apparently, increased privacy is worthwhile enough for Zuckerberg to harm the aesthetics of his MacBook.

Can we make excuses for Zuckerberg? Well, a good argument might be that he has more reason to be concerned about spying, considering the fact that he's the CEO of one of the largest companies on Earth. While the webcam could have likely been disabled via software, Zuck apparently can't trust that enough - if someone gets in, they might just be able to re-enable it again, after all.

Ultimately, what this highlights is the importance of security, and privacy. When the head of a company that makes billions of dollars off the information people post to the service goes to great lengths to protect himself like this, that really says something.