Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Notebook Review

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At under $1,500, the Lenovo Y70 Touch series lands in what most users would consider to be the mainstream gaming notebook category. A good mid-range portable gaming machine should have a solid discrete graphics card, excellent network connectivity, and a gorgeous display. It may not be a benchmark killer versus flagship offerings, but it should provide a good gaming experience that’s difficult to fault. That describes the Y70 fairly well.

concludeWe’d like to see what the Lenovo Y70 could do with a more powerful GPU inside, and are surprised Lenovo doesn’t offer a model with one. Regardless, this laptop handles modern games just fine and it has several features that we really like, including quality speakers. You can watch a movie from 10 feet away (if you really want to) and still hear the flick without trouble. That’s not true of a lot of lower-end gaming laptops, which practically require a headset.

Another winning feature is the touch screen. Unless you’re one of the touch-screen haters out there, being able to reach up and tap or swipe is useful. It’s responsive and supports up to 10-point touch gestures. We wish the Y70 had more media player keys and another USB port, but those are fairly minor complaints.

The Y70’s design is sure to win over many adult gamers – especially those who plan to take their gaming laptops into non-gaming settings. Lenovo did a nice job with the Y70's chassis in our opinion. The machine conveys a sense that there's a powerful beast lurking under that sleek, dark chassis, without garish looks many gaming notebooks are known for.

approved hh
 hot  not
  • Quality, 17-inch touchscreen
  • Strong battery life
  • Classy design
  • No high-end GPU option
  • More USB ports would be helpful

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