Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Notebook Review

Battery Life

Many computer makers are reluctant to provide battery life estimates for high-end mobile devices these days. Obviously, battery life is user-dependent, so setting expectations is a risk some companies decline to take. Lenovo is willing to give its customers some battery life guidance though. It says the Y70 can last up to five hours on its built-in battery with certain workloads.

bep lenovoY70

We put the Lenovo Y70 through the Battery Eater Pro test, which simulates heavy use. We didn’t expect it to last anywhere near five hours, but I hoped for two hours of intense usage, and the Y70 nearly came through. It delivered 108 minutes (one hour, 48 minutes), which is longer than any of the other tested gaming laptops has been able to hang in there. That’s good news for the Y70.

Keep in mind, this is somewhat of a worst-case-scenario type test, that puts a heavy load on the GPU, GPU, memory and disk in a system.  With more real-world workloads, like browsing the web or working in office-type applications, the Y70 will last much longer than the 108 minutes referenced above. For a machine as powerful as the Y70, battery life is quite good.

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