Lenovo Y70 Touch Gaming Notebook Review

Performance: Hitman: Absolution and Metro: Last Light

As 47, a killer for the International Contract Agency (ICA), you have a very dangerous, but action-packed life. The Hitman franchise has been winning praise from critics throughout multiple games, of which Hitman: Absolution is the latest. When running this game’s benchmark, we set AA to 4X and pump the Quality Level settings to Ultra, making for a grueling gaming test.

Hitman: Absolution
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

HitmanAbsolution lenovoY70

The frame rates in Hitman: Absolution are a little disappointing, but not out of line. And, the Y70 managed to top the Dominator Pro for minimum frames per second – a bit of a hollow victory.

Metro: Last Light
DirectX 11 Gaming Performance

A sequel to Metro 2033, the dark and spooky first person shooter (FPS) Metro Last Light continues the journey of Artyom. Armed to the teeth, you fight your way through monsters and hostile commandos as you search for the Dark One. Metro Last Light has some unusual gameplay features, including a health system in which you heal slowly, rather than using the typical med kit. And, because good bullets are hard to make, Metro denizens use bullets as currency. We use the Very High quality settings when running this game’s benchmark.

MetroLL lenovoY70

The Lenovo Y70 finished strong, pulling almost even with the Alienware 17 in Metro: Last Light, and providing one of the better minimum frame rates so far. Still, the GTX 860M is preventing the Y70 from competing with the laptops that have more powerful GPUs inside.

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