Lenovo ThinkPad X120e Review: AMD Fusion Infused

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Battery Performance

If there's one thing a netbook (or an ultraportable) needs to be really competitive, it's great battery life. No matter how great the software or the hardware, an ultra-mobile machine needs great battery life to be really useful in the field. The X120e is a unit where we were paying particularly close attention to battery life. Remember, the Fusion APU was supposed to be more powerful than Neo, while also improving on energy drain.


The X100e that we reviewed last year only managed around 2.1 hours of life, while the X120e (both using a 6-cell battery) managed around 3.5 hours in the same test. We have seen reports that this machine will last even longer if you disable Wi-Fi and go easy on the screen brightness, and we believe it. Either way, over 3 hours when in use constantly is pretty impressive, and it's a very real upgrade over the X100e's battery life.

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