Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Review

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The ThinkPad Edge is one of the slimmest 13" machines out there. Fittingly, it's also bundled with an amazingly slim amount of accessories and software. Lenovo trimmed the price of this ultraportable down below $600 at the base, and there's no question that the company saved a few bucks in the accessories department. Unlike rivaling Asus units that we've seen, there's no slip cover or carry case included here. All that came in the box was the machine itself, a power adapter and an AC cord.

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As for software, we're actually delighted by Lenovo's choice to take the minimalist approach. Far too many pre-built PCs ship with loads of software that many consumers have no need for, and worse still, software that bogs the machine down, right out of the box. The ThinkPad Edge 13" that we tested features a 64-bit edition of Windows 7 Home Premium, and aside from the integrated Lenovo Connectivity Panel (which helps to manage the Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G connections) and a simple Lenovo overlay at the bottom (which shows your connection strength alongside a detailed battery meter), we didn't notice a single piece of bloatware. No nagging screens about registering anti-virus software that we never asked for. No pop-ups from bloatware that's parading around as legitimate software. Just a basic, clean install of the OS with a few minor Lenovo touches.

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We should mention that the top lid of our test unit was a glossy black, and unless you don't mind your machine getting scuffed up from normal travel, we'd suggest investing in some sort of sleeve or case. The lid will definitely become scratched if you just shove it into a carry-on bag one too many times.

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