Lenovo ThinkPad 8 Windows 8.1 Tablet Review

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Performance: Battery Life

Tablets generally have sealed-in batteries, which makes poor battery life a potential deal breaker. Lenovo estimates that the tablet will last about eight hours during normal usage. Obviously, the way you use the tablet is going to be different from the way the next tablet toter does, so we run review tablets through a simple, easily-reproduced test and compare how the battery life of our reference tablets hold up in those conditions. We refresh a webpage with a mix of standard web media and Flash regularly until the tablet battery is drained.

The ThinkPad 8's battery life won't knock you over. Lenovo estimates the tablet battery will last for about eight hours of use, which is almost two hours shorter than the Dell estimate. But in our Web browsing test, we found the gap to be even wider: The ThinkPad 8 refreshed the test webpage for 8 hours, 52 minutes to the Dell tablet's 14 hours, 6 minutes. Still, the ThinkPad 8 has the battery to get you through a workday in which it is constantly used, so whether the battery is an issue depends on how you see yourself using the tablet.

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