Lenovo ThinkPad 10 Windows 8.1 Bay Trail Tablet

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Performance: Battery Life

Lenovo didn't disclose what size battery the ThinkPad 10 is toting, though the company claims you can squeeze up to 10 hours of run time before racing to the nearest wall socket. It's an interesting metric, considering Lenovo rates the smaller ThinkPad 8 at up to 8 hours. In any event, we tested this by running the tablet at half brightness and refreshing a web page every few minutes until the battery gives up the ghost. This is a relatively lightweight tests, save for the the display and system being turned on and awake throughout the duration of the test.

ThinkPad 10 Battery

In this test, the ThinkPad 10 lasted 8 hours and 45 minutes. That's above the claim for the ThinkPad 8, though short of the maximum claim for this tablet. Despite how the graph makes it look, that's not bad -- keep in mind that that the 10.1-inch display is never allowed to turn off during this benchmark.

What this boils down to is all-day battery life, though that's going to depend on what kind of load you're putting the tablet. For general purpose work chores, your results shouldn't be too far off, versus watching movies and playing games, which will inevitably shorten battery life.

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