Lenovo Legion Y740 Gaming Laptop Deep Dive Review With Benchmarks

Lenovo Legion Y740 Review: Software And User Experience

The Legion Y740 didn't come bundled with much bloatware at all, but did include Lenovo's Vantage software suite, Corsair iQUE, and McAfee. Overall, we found Vantage to be helpful, but some of the features are clearly geared for less-seasoned PC users, which is fine. We liked that you could see the hardware utilization and the condition of the battery, but much of the additional data provided can be ascertained just as easily elsewhere in Windows without an additional application.

As you'll see in the images below, you can scan your hardware, check for Windows updates and change the audio settings. Still, it's nice Lenovo put all of these features in one spot, to it make changing the settings simple without having to be an expert. We have never been a huge fan of McAfee software, however, because it tends to be resource heavy and nag users too often.

Alienware M15 Desktop

Legion Y740 software 2

Legion Y740 software 3

Legion Y740 software 4

Legion Y740 software 5

Legion Y740 software 6

Legion Y740 software 7

Legion Y740 software 8

Corsair iCUE Software

Lenovo uses CORSAIR iCUE software to give users control of the RGB lighting and effects. Also note, that the software is compatible with Corsair's other RGB-enabled devices, so should have you other Corsair peripherals connected to the Y740, they can be manged from within a single interface. We were surprised, however, to see the only preset lighting effect included was a color swirl. We expected more effects to be included with the software. You can create more yourself, of course, but it would have been nice to not have to do the leg work.

Alienware M15 Control Center

Lenovo partnering with Corsair makes total sense. Corsair has been a leader in the gaming market for years, and has a vast amount of hardware and software experience, so Lenovo doesn't have to reinvent the wheel. Overall we found the iCUE software easy to use and well behaved. It allowed us to create custom RGB profiles for the keyboard with minimal effort. We would have like to have seen more preset configurations available though. Most RGB products have multiple preset lighting effects ready to go. The iCUE software for the Y740 only had one lighting effect to chose from, which cycled colors on an endless clockwise loop around the keyboard.

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