Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop Review: High Performance, Affordable Mobile Gaming

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Lenovo Legion Y720: VR Performance and Experience

Virtual-reality is the latest craze for immersive gaming and experiences, but it does require at least a GeForce GTX 1060, which is the only GPU option the Lenovo Legion Y720. The Lenovo Legion Y720 is VR Ready in all available configurations. To test the VR Ready claim, we’re running the Legion Y720 through the SteamVR Performance Test to see what type of VR experience you should expect.

SteamVR Performance Test
VR-gaming readiness test

The SteamVR Performance Test is a basic tool that determines if your system can deliver a good VR experience or not. The test determines if your system can achieve the 90 FPS necessary to drive an optimal VR experience and provides a detailed report on whether it’s your CPU or GPU that’s holding you back. It gives your system a rating from 1 to 11.

Lenovo Y720 15IKB SteamVR

Despite the technical VR-readiness of the Legion Y720, it manages a middle-of-the-road score in the benchmark. It will play VR games, but won’t deliver the same smoothness as a higher-end GTX 1070 or 1080 in more demanding games.

VR Connectivity
Subjective experience

Lenovo Legion Y720 right

HTC Vive users have it easy, in terms of connectivity requirements, but the Oculus Rift requires a lot more USB ports. The Lenovo Legion Y720 has the one HDMI output and three USB ports needed for the basic Oculus Touch experience. However, if you want room scale VR with an Oculus Rift, you’ll need a USB-C to USB 3.0 dongle or hub to connect an additional sensor or two to it. Now if you’re keen to use the Xbox One controller included with the Oculus Rift, the integrated wireless receiver frees up a USB port.

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