Lenovo Legion Y720 Laptop Review: High Performance, Affordable Mobile Gaming

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Lenovo Legion Y720: Software and Audio Features

Nerve Sense is Lenovo’s take on a gaming control panel for its Legion gaming notebooks. It’s a basic app that lets you adjust the RGB keyboard, cooling, network priority and sound enhancement settings. The extreme cooling option lets you crank up the cooling fans to max speed for marathon gaming sessions, but we found it unnecessary. It’s like adding a loud exhaust on a car, it makes the Legion Y720 louder and doesn’t help as much as the resulting noise leads you to believe.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Nerve HomeLenovo Legion Y720 Nerve ZonesLenovo Legion Y720 Nerve Effects

The sound enhancement function takes you to the audio system, which leads us to the Legion Y720’s excellent speakers. Lenovo sought help from JBL for the Legion Y720’s audio system. It sports a 2.1 speaker setup with two 2-watt speakers, a 3-watt subwoofer and Dolby Atmos certification. The speakers get plenty loud with good clarity at half volume, and one of the better sounding laptop speaker setups we’ve come across. Don’t expect too much bass despite having a dedicated subwoofer, however. JBL-tuning helps, but it can’t overcome basic speaker physics when it comes to low-range oomph.

Lenovo Legion Y720 Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos certification comes with an accompanying app with audio presets for dynamic, movie, music, game, and voice tuned specifically for the Legion Y720 sound system. The presets include virtualized surround, dialogue enhancer, and volume leveler to get optimal audio performance for your content. There’s a personalize option that lets you configure a 20-band graphic equalizer and choose which audio options to enable, too.

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