Lenovo Erazer x510 Gaming PC Review

Company of Heroes 2 Benchmarks

Our first gaming test is Relic Entertainment’s World War II RTS (real-time strategy), Company of Heroes 2. The sequel to the critically-acclaimed Company of Heroes, the second entry focuses on the bloody Eastern Front, with players fighting primarily as the embattled Soviet Red Army. Company of Heroes 2 is a system-killer, powered by Relic’s Essence 3.0 engine. The game makes liberal use of particle effects, lighting, texture-work, and 3D modeling. We ran our tests with visual presets on “Higher”, textures on “Higher”, and AA (anti-aliasing) on “Medium”.

Company of Heroes 2
DirectX 11 RTS Gaming Performance

Unsurprisingly, the Erazer x510 faced stiff competition, earning an average FPS of 26.86 and a minimum of 18.91. Scaling the resolution down to 1280x1024 boosted average performance to 35.25, though you could achieve similar results by cranking the image quality down a bit as well.

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