Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Preview

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Wrap-up - To be continued...

First Pass Performance Analysis -

Looking back at our quick battery of tests, the new Pentium Extreme Edition 840 and the i955FX test system we had access to, performs very well in multi-threaded applications like Cinema 4D and Windows Media Encoder 9.  In single threaded applications and the few gaming datapoints we took, Intel's new flagship chip performs a lot like it's 3.2GHz Pentium 4 540J counterpart. 

It will take time for the developer community to take advantage of these new Dual Core architectures but certainly, with both Intel and AMD driving the initiative, it is a path the industry will follow for years to come.

We plan to come back to you all shortly with more in-depth testing and coverage of the new Pentium Extreme Edition 840 and the i955X chipset platform in the days ahead.  For now, we hope this was a healthy and informative tease.  Please stick around for the full scoop as we spend more lab time with Intel's new Desktop Dual Core processors.

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