Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Preview

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Windows Media Encoder 9 and Lame MP3 Encoding Tests


Windows Media Encoder and Lame MP3 - Encoding Tests
Video and audio conversion

Converting an MPEG to Windows Streaming Media format with Media Encoder 9, shows our the new Pentium EE 840 has about a 15% advantage over the 3.8GHz P4 570.  WME9 is another multi-threaded, SSE enabled test that allows the current Pentium 4 architecture to shine.

Lame MP3 is not a multi-thread capable application and as such these tests are representative of pure single core CPU performance and system memory bandwidth.  We only had time to run the 570J in comparison to our 840 scores.  However surprisingly, even though the Pentium EE 840's cores are a full 600MHz slower than the 570J's single 3.8GHz core, it only trails by a few seconds.  Regardless, the Athlon 64 4000+ rules the roost here with a full 15 second advantage over the fastest Pentium 4 score we recorded.

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