Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo - Merom Debuts

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Windows Media Encoder/Mozilla MT and Nero

Media Encoding has always been a strength with the Intel platform and below we have tests from WB5's Windows Media Encoder Multitasking test that also runs an instance of a Mozilla web browser in the background.  

WorldBench 5.0: Windows Media Encoder Multitasking And Nero
Real-World Media Encoding And Web Browsing Multitasking Performance

Merom once again shows a more significant performance advantage beyond just its clock speed.  Here we see the Core 2 Duo T7600 sneaking in over 12% faster than the fastest Core Duo Yonah chip. 

Things got a little squirrely with our Nero Burning ROM tests and due to the time crunch we were under with this launch, we had to forego testing the Core Duo T2400 chip.  We are confident in the numbers shown for both the Core 2 Duo T7600 and Core Duo T2600 here though, as we re-ran the test several times with repeatable results. This version of Nero doesn't really exploit the new Mobile Core 2 Duo architecture all that much and Merom only shows a smallish 4% edge or so versus Yonah.

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