Intel Developer Forum 2010 Day 2 Keynote Coverage

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Atom Ecosystem (cont.)

When Renee James completed her segment of the early morning keynote on Day 2, Intel's Doug Davis took the stage to talk more about Atom and its ecosystem.




Doug announced the new Atom CE 4200 series of products and showed off a number of devices that were powered by the chips, including the WePad we showed you on the previous page, along with the Cicso Cius, which is a portable tablet that can be docked to convert it into a video phone. A hand-held gaming device from a Korean manufacturer was shown off as well, but not many details were given.



Perhaps the most exciting moment from the morning keynote was the unveiling of a Dell 10.1” convertible tablet built around Atom running Windows 7. During the initial part of the demo, the Dell rep held the device like any other tablet PC and showed off a number of touch-centric applications, but later revealed that the screen could be flipped up, and turned completely around in its bezel, uncovering a keyboard beneath. No details about naming or pricing of the convertible tablet were given, but Dell did say the device is slated for release towards the end of the year.


To conclude the keynote, Doug then talked about the types of other devices being worked on that feature Atom and unveiled the Atom E600 series SoC for embedded applications. He showed off a racing motorcycle with an Atom-based monitoring system that sent data back to the pit crew, some digital signage for taxi cabs, and a prototype multi-screen car computer system that handled everything from navigation to media playback; it could even be controlled by a smartphone.

That about wraps it up for our Day 2 coverage.  There is more to come, so stay tuned!

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