Intel Arrandale Core i5 and Core i3 Mobile Unveiled

Testing with SiSoft SANDRA

We began our testing with SiSoftware's SANDRA 2010, the System ANalyzer, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant. We ran three of the built-in subsystem tests that partially comprise the SANDRA 2010 suite: CPU Arithmetic, CPU Multimedia, and the Memory Bandwidth tests.

 Preliminary Testing with SiSoft SANDRA 2010
 Synthetic Benchmarks

In these synthetic, high-level tests that SANDRA performs on the CPU, the Core i5 540M shows surprisingly good scores, besting even Intel's Core 2 Q6600 and AMD's Phenom 9650 quad-core processors in the Arithmetic and Multimedia CPU tests.  In terms of memory bandwidth, the system's DDR3-1066 memory, coupled with the new on-chip memory controller offer 9GB/s of memory bandwidth according to SANDRA, which is somewhat on the low side as compared to the Core i7 Mobile Clarksfield with DDR3-1333 memory we tested not long ago, that offered nearly 2X the memory bandwidth. 

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