IDF Day 1: Pat Gelsinger Keynote: Embedded + Dynamic + Visual

Visual Computing

The final component of Gelsinger's keynote presentation was about Intel's "Visual Computing" initiative. This of course, meant discussing Intel's upcoming GPU project, codenamed Larrabee. Joining Gelsinger on stage to discuss Larrabee was Larry Seller, Intel's Senior Principal Engineer, Visual Computing Group. Seller discussed how Larrabee can be more efficient with potentially problematic 3D rendering functions, such as translucency and shadows. According to Seller, with the way Larrabee will seamlessly deal with translucency and shadows, developers can be less concerned with having to program specifically for those functions and can focus more on creating content.



Seller gave a high-level overview of the Larrabee architecture in under 50 seconds. He also sang a short song about Larrabee. Seller's primary message about Larrabee, however, was that Larrabee takes CPU computational modalities and applies them to the GPU.

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