IDF Day 1: Gordon Moore, Gelsinger's Keynote

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Gelsinger On Innovation, New Hardware


Later on in the keynote, Pat Gelsinger also showed some client virtualization demos with vPro-enabled machines running three operating systems.




He showed how a compromised virtual machine could be contained using virtualization technology, and how that machine could be remotely repaired.  We’ve covered many of the vPro platform’s capabilities here at HotHardware in a few recent articles, if you’d like to see a few more details. Pat then brought on someone from Citrix to show of the company’s thin-clients using Intel technologies, and their OS steaming capabilities.  In the demo, a stateless thin-client booted to XP and was then restarted, and re-configured to use Vista, all in a matter of minutes.  Because the OS was steamed over a network, switching operating systems took nothing more than choosing a new OS image and restarting the machine.




Pat the moved on and spoke of the next-gen capabilities coming to vPro with Intel’s future Danbury platform.  With Danbury, Intel will be supporting more security-related features and encryption technologies, and will move more critical functionality to the hardware level. He also talked briefly about PCI Express 3.0 and the features it offered.  PCIe 3.0 will offer double the bandwidth of PCIe 2.0, with dynamic power management technology, data reuse functions, and atmoic operations.  The specification is expected to be complete in 2009 with products arriving in 2010.




Pat next focused on Intel’s current and future I/O innovations.  He talked about the Tulapi SOC (System on a Chip) accelerator and then spoke of USB 3.0.  According to Pat, USB 3.0 will offer a 10X increase in performance over USB 2.0 and will use both copper and optical interconnects.  He also held up a couple of prototype USB 3.0 cables to show the room what they looked like.




After outlining some of USB 3.0’s features, Pat talked about Intel’s upcoming 82598 10 GigE Ethernet controller and held up working prototypes of the part.  He also showed off a slick, high-performance solid-state drive with a SATA 3.0GB/s interface that offered a 4.5x power savings over existing hard drives and with 2X the write performance.

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