IDF Day 1: Gordon Moore, Gelsinger's Keynote

Moore Interview, Gelsinger Keynote


Midway through the first day at IDF, there was an interview held with Gordon Moore, the retired Chairman, CEO and co-founder of Intel Corporation, in which he spoke of the early years at the company and the many hurdles they faced in the beginning.




Gordon talked about the invention of the integrated circuit and how Intel’s faced fierce competition from Asian semiconductor manufactures that had him questioning the long-term viability of America’s semiconductor industry.  Through changes in strategy and focus on manufacturing efficiency however, Intel was able to lead ahead of their early competition and we all know the story from there.




After the interview it was time for Pat Gelsinger’s Enterprise keynote address.  Pat spoke of Intel’s “tick-tock” model, Moore’s Law, and innovation in general.  He drew comparisons between Intel’s advances in technology and the aviation industry,to demonstrate just how far the company has come.




The main focuses of Pat’s keynote were Intel’s platform capabilities, I/O innovations, and energy efficient performance.  He began the meat of the discussion with talk of the “wave of virtualization” offered by Intel’s Caneland and future platforms.  A number of demo machines were on display from partners like HP, Lenovo, IBM, Sun, and Hitachi, that were all based on Intel platforms and that all featured specific virtualization hardware and software.




Pat brought in a representative from Sun Microsystems to talk about an as-yet-to-be-named machine running Solaris with a virtual Windows XP machine running as well.  What’s more interesting about the Sun systems, however, was its form factor which was a fraction of the size of some of the others on display.

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