HTC One Max 6-Inch Android Smartphone Review

Performance: GPU

GLBenchmark (now known as GFX Bench) is a unified 3D graphics performance benchmark suite. We use the fillrate test and the Egypt Off Screen test to measure 3D performance in frames per second. The Off Screen test renders workloads at 1280x720 for all devices, but off-screen so Vsync and screen resolution are not limiting performance factors.

Graphics testing
Android graphics testing

As you can see, the One Max earns an upper- to mid-range score in the Off Screen component of this test. It fares slightly worse in the on-screen component, coming in closer to the middle of the chart.

The One Max scores in Basemark X are very similar to its sibling, the HTC One. Overall, the One Max earns scores that are in line with other smartphones but still lags behind the Galaxy Note 3 and iPhone 5s.

As is the case with other high-end devices, 3DMark Ice Storm is maxed out at lower settings on the HTC One Max. Running the test on Unlimited mode yielded similar scores to the HTC One. On every component of the test except Physics, the One Max earned a score that was slightly below the average of scores of all other devices running Unlimited mode.

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