HTC One Max 6-Inch Android Smartphone Review

User Experience

Like other HTC devices, the One Max features HTC BlinkFeed which is designed to combine information from social networks, news sources, and more into a single feed. Although some users will really like the customization options that come with BlinkFeed, some users will want to turn it off. Thankfully, HTC lets you enable and disable BlinkFeed on the One Max by pinching out to customize your home screens. Here, you can turn BlinkFeed on and off, select your home screen, add additional home screens, and add apps, widgets, and shortcuts.

A launch bar is located at the base of all home screens and the all application screen. You can customize this launch bar to your liking. You can also group apps on the launch bar into a folder. The apps you can view from the lock screen are the same as those found in the launch bar. You can also create additional lock screen notification tiles that populate the lock screen. Widgets for the lock screen include calculator, calendar, Gmail, Google Now, Google + posts, and Music. To access any of the lock screen tiles, swipe left from the main lock screen.


The default keyboard on the One Max is HTC’s Sense keyboard. This keyboard supports trace typing (similar to Swype) or traditional typing. You can also enter text using speech.

HTC has organized many of the preloaded apps into folders on the Apps screen. Here, you’ll find folders labeled Amazon, Google, Media, Tools, and Verizon. You’ll also notice a few additional apps that come with the One Max on the apps screen including Ingress, TuneIn Radio, Flipboard, Viewdini, Currents, NFL Mobile, QR Droid, Phone Companion, and Droid Zap.

The HTC TV app that comes preloaded on the One Max helps you find shows, browse your local channel guide, browse on demand content from services such as Hulu Plus or Crackle, and use your phone as a TV remote. After a brief setup process, you’ll have easy access to recommended shows, viewing times, episode information, and more. The app can also add reminders to your calendar to help ensure you won’t miss new episodes of a series. By setting up more than one Room, you’ll be able to control devices throughout your house.


HTC also supports streaming media through DLNA, HTC Media Link HD, A2DP (Bluetooth), and other supported wireless display connections. To access this functionality, swipe up with three fingers and select a compatible device.

HTC’s Car app is designed to help you stay connected and safe while driving. Using this app, you can use voice controls, access music, phone calls, maps, and more. The application will launch automatically when the One Max is mounted in the HTC Car Kit (sold separately). Alternatively, you can open the application from the apps menu.

A free trial of Zoodles Premium Kid Mode is included with the One Max. With this app, you can select which apps on the One Max your child can access, receive or block incoming calls while in Kid Mode, set time limits, filter violence, and access other features. After the trial expires, a basic version of the service is available for free if you choose not to purchase the upgrade.


One of the trends with phablets today is the inclusion of a notebook application that lets you write things down and create notes and documents using a stylus or your finger. The HTC One Max comes with Scribble. With Scribble, you can create notes and other documents using a variety of included templates. You can also input photos, audio clips and clip art and add your own notes. The One Max does not come with a stylus, however.

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