HTC One (M8) Android Smartphone Review

Benchmarks: Browsing and JavaScript

JavaScript and Browser Performance
Web Browser Performance

Considering performance metrics in the SunSpider browser test, our HTC One (M8) notched an 840.5ms score, which competes favorably with nearly every other smartphone we've tested to date.

Apple's iPhone 5s outpaced it, but the only other Android-based products to best it did so by fairly slim margins. Another point of note is that ths M8 bested the M7 (last year's One model) by several hundred milliseconds, showing a clear year-over-year improvement from HTC.

BrowserMark has recently moved on to a newer generation of benchmarks, using a new scoring scale as well.

While the One (M8) lags behind a few of its Android counterparts, it is notably quicker than last year's One model. In this particular test, however, the M8 didn't have the strongest of showings, being outpaced by the Note 3 and G Pro (among others).

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