HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Review

Performance Testing - Web Browsing

Since browsing the Web is a key feature of any smartphone, we also conducted some formal speed tests to see how well the HTC EVO 3D compares to some of today's hottest smartphones.


The HTC EVO 3D scored well in the Xtremelabs speed test, though it wasn't a chart-topper. Interestingly enough, the EVO 3D reached the highest 4G speeds we've seen from Sprint, although our test comparisons are still limited.

In the speed test, the EVO 3D scored very well over 3G, coming in behind the Nexus S. 4G performance on this phone was still respectable, though three other phones outperformed it in speed. Here again, we see that the EVO 3D outperformed other Sprint devices on 4G.

The tests weren't quite as nice to the EVO 3D. The phone fell in the bottom half of the rankings in both 3G and 4G test modes. Keeping in mind that these speed tests can be influenced by many factors, we won't hold this against the EVO 3D.

Overall, we were satisfied with the browsing speeds on the EVO 3D.

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