HTC EVO 3D Smartphone Review

User Interface

HTC wasn't content to simply ship the EVO 3D with a standard Android 2.3 experience. The company also included its own interface tweaks by means of HTC Sense. Sense adds some handy features such as the ability to launch an application directly from the lock screen by simply dragging it into a ring. We also like some of the lock screen customization options such as the ability to display the time and weather information, Friend Stream feeds, stock quotes, or other information directly from the lock screen.

As with other phones from HTC, you'll be able to double-tab the Home button or pinch the Home screen to view thumbnails of all seven of your home screens. HTC also provides a number of its own widgets for use on the EVO 3D. Some of our favorites include quick-access buttons for various communication controls such as Bluetooth, Airplane Mode, GPS and more; various Friend Stream and email message views; Power Dashboard; Stocks; and others.  


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HTC also ships the EVO 3D with one of our favorite keyboards, Swype. Of course, you'll still have the option of using the touch input keyboard as well. This keyboard offers Standard, Phone, and Compact layouts.

The EVO 3D comes with your standard set of Android applications as well as others. In contrast to most manufacturers and carriers who mandate that certain applications stay on the phone (unless you root the device), HTC and Sprint have given their blessing and are allowing users to uninstall some of the applications that come on the EVO 3D. For example, if you like you can remove Blockbuster, NASCAR, Sprint Radio, Sprint TV & Movies, and others. We give HTC and Sprint a lot of credit for letting us remove these applications easily through the Manage Applications screen. It's a welcome option that other manufacturers and carriers haven't offered.

To make it easier for you to find an app among the list of installed applications, HTC provides three views for applications: All, Frequent, and Downloaded.


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